The Teacher

Redmond Entwistle began learning Tai Chi in 1995 with John Eastman, a New York student of Cheng Man-ch’ing’s. In 2006 he moved to New York and began to study with Maggie Newman, a senior New York student of Cheng Man-ch’ing’s. In 2013 he was given permission to teach by Maggie. He has been teaching since he returned to the UK in 2015. Over the years he has also received valued input from other students of Cheng Man-ch’ing, including Carol Yamasaki, Ed Young and Ben Lo, and more recently Natasha Gorky Young. Carol Yamasaki’s student Bret Hall has also been an important influence on his understanding of Tai Chi and push hands and for the last few years he has been organizing annual workshops for Bret in the UK and Europe. He has also trained with other second generation teachers, including Lucas Van der Aart, Tom Daly, Lenzie Williams, Weiming Yuan and Fred Hao. He is certified as an advanced instructor by the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. He continues to be in awe of this subtle and profound art and to search for a deeper understanding of it.


‘Redmond is an excellent teacher. He is very dedicated and his on-line classes have been a lifeline during the pandemic. I have been able to learn and improve my practice, all from the comfort of my living room’ – Juliet

‘I have been attending tai chi classes with Redmond for a few years, the last 18 months on zoom. His class yesterday was a good experience as always. Redmond ensures that we are able to follow the form and monitors our progress as well on zoom as when we were in class. He is exceptionally skilled at teaching every movement in such a way that has given me a much greater understanding of how to use my body to make each movement. Redmond is also very patient with each of his pupils’ – Sheila

‘Redmond is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. Learning tai chi with him is very rewarding’ – Elaine

‘Redmond is a kind patient teacher who helps each student deepen their understanding of Tai Chi practice at their own pace. He offers outdoor indoor and zoom classes. I always come away from each session with added insights’ – Anon

Cheng Man-ch’ing and Maggie Newman
Redmond and Maggie